FAQ: LibrariUS

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who wants to know what I'm doing at the library?
    The American Library Association (ALA), the world's oldest and largest library organization, its Public Library Association (PLA) division, and the Public Insight Network from American Public Media (APM), a producer of public radio programs that broadcast nationwide (e.g., Marketplace and Performance Today), are partnering to learn more about how people use libraries, and the information, social and civic needs of communities.
  2. What will you do with this information?
    As you can see, we're mapping library patrons' stories in real time at You can check out what others are doing right now at libraries — in your community, and across the country. The ALA, the PLA and local libraries will read mapped responses to get a clearer picture of how people are using libraries today, and to help tell the story of libraries. APM and other Public Insight Network newsrooms may also be reporting on the stories and insights people share with us. Please know that any contact information you provide us is private. We will not share your information outside a small circle of journalists in Public Insight newsrooms. We will not sell your information. And we will contact you only to ask questions to inform news coverage.
  3. Why do you require me to provide my full name, location, and an email or phone?
    LibrariUS is a journalism project — a journalism project in collaboration with libraries. We ask for your full name, email address or phone number because reporters at APM or other Public Insight newsrooms (perhaps one in your community) may want to follow up with you to hear more about something you tell us for a news story. We include your first name, last initial and location on the LibrariUS online map. But your full last name and contact information are confidential. We won't sell your information. And you won't be getting any spam or requests for donations from participating in this project.
  4. Who can I contact with a question, suggestion or concern?
    Feel free to email the Public Insight Network at American Public Media: We are always interested in your feedback and story ideas.
  5. What is the Public Insight Network?
    The Public Insight Network, or PIN, is more than 100,000 people across the United States and beyond who have agreed to share their knowledge and experience with journalists — to make the news smarter and more relevant. APM launched the PIN in 2003 with the core beliefs that people know a lot and are willing to reveal what they know if asked, and that journalists can do better reporting if we understand how people are experiencing the issues we cover. From exposing substandard conditions at a California prison to sniffing out each week's exciting art events in Minnesota to revealing personal financial decisions from youth through retirement, PIN sources inform and unearth news stories every day. By participating in LibrariUS, you become part of the Public Insight Network.