Getting to know… Sarah Alvarez (Changing Gears PIN analyst)

Joellen Easton
Business Development Manager
Public Insight Network
Sarah Alvarez, Changing Gears

Sarah Alvarez, Changing Gears

I’m Sarah Alvarez, the Public Insight Network analyst with Changing Gears. Changing Gears is a public radio collaboration that examines how life is changing in the industrial Midwest.

We want to tell the stories of the people driving and experiencing this change. Our coverage leans heavily toward examining business and economic phenomena. Many people are reluctant to think they could say anything that is worth reporting on these topics.

What the Public Insight Network has allowed us to do is use stories of people affected by economic and business decisions, and build stories around them. Once people start to see their experiences as valuable, and, as perhaps part of a larger trend, they are more likely to share stories from their lives with us. It is my hope that we can use the Public Insight Network to begin to transform economics coverage-from stiff stories full of numbers supplemented by stories from real people-to stories from real people, supplemented by numbers.

Changing Gears has been able to tell these kind of stories, with wonderful reporters and PIN, to make for some very impactful journalism.


Joellen Easton Business Development Manager
Public Insight Network
Joellen Easton gets to chart the next mission for PIN: New ways to use the network for meeting information needs, with new partners and new technologies. All shiny objects cross her desk.

Her background is in anthropology, and she has produced for WGBH, PRI’s The World, and as a freelancer. She first worked with PIN at Marketplace as a PIN analyst for four years, and after that as partners manager for three years, leading the training and support team. She is degreed from Tufts and MIT.