Getting to know… Peggy Lowe (Harvest Public Media PIN analyst)

Joellen Easton
Business Development Manager
Public Insight Network
Peggy Lowe, Harvest Public Media

Peggy Lowe, Harvest Public Media

From Peggy Lowe, PIN analyst with Harvest Public Media:

I’ve spent 22 years as a reporter in the West and recently returned home to the Midwest to be the Harvest Media analyst. Goal number one is building up the numbers of sources in our database, so I’ve done two outreach events and have a third planned. To say that these have been grassroots efforts is to speak literally.

The first event was on July 14 at a coffee house in Iowa City, Iowa, where Harvest did a live talk show on Iowa Public Radio about the booming local food movement.  The second was at the Boone County Fair in Columbia, Missouri, where my booth was a dusty table next to the open cowboy bar named “Whoa Nelly.” I’m not kidding. My third outreach event was at the Farm Aid concert on Aug. 13, where we will be in a special exhibition space called “Homegrown Village.”

I’ve sent out a queries to farmers, like the one on the U.S. Labor Department’s proposal that would prohibit farm workers under age 16; and I’ve heard the fears about the comeing federal aid cuts to Medicare from those at the National Rural Health Association conference.

Much of what gets done can be seen at the Harvest Network website – check it out.


Joellen Easton Business Development Manager
Public Insight Network
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