Midwest Migration

Meg Cramer
PIN analyst

Through January we collected stories from Midwesterners who have left the region as part of our Midwest Migration project.  So far, we have heard from close to 200 people from around the world and featured over 50 sources on a dedicated page.

We will be wrapping things up with an on-air piece and longer posts about the project this week. Using tumblr has been a great way to represent many sources and draw new people into the network. Responses keep coming in, many of them directly from the “share your story” link on the Midwest Migration page.

A query about how cancer has touched people’s lives brought in many responses from cancer survivors and their families. We’ll be using photos and excerpts from these responses to accompany an upcoming Michigan Radio series on cancer.

PIN sources informed on-air stories about teaching in the Midwest and labor politics in Wisconsin.

Two stories that accompanied on-air pieces were also PIN-fluenced, one about changes in education and another about the perils of buy-here-pay-here car leasing.

This month we began to work with a local museum on a photography exhibit sourced by PIN. Two French photographers known for their work documenting work in Europe will be coming to the United States to photograph workers in Detroit and Michigan.

We will find subjects for the exhibit using PIN and will record audio of the subjects discussing their work. This audio will accompany the exhibit, which is likely to travel across the United States.

Meg Cramer PIN analyst

Before joining the Public Insight Network as an analyst, Meg Cramer was a public insight journalist for Changing Gears at Michigan Radio. There, she engaged with sources around issues of economic change throughout the Midwest.

Over the last year, Meg has been focused on helping people participate in the news-making process. Her reporting has aired on Marketplace, WBEZ and Michigan Radio.