Art Hounds goes East Coast

Annie Anderson
Engagement and Inclusion Manager
Public Insight Network

The Public Insight Network has long powered Minnesota Public Radio’s popular arts segment, Art Hounds. Three hounds, found each week through PIN, each discuss an arts event that shouldn’t be missed. MPR debuted Art Hounds three years ago and now more than 800 hounds have recommended great Minnesota art events, installations and shows.

Now, in a first, Vermont Public Radio has begun rounding up their own dogged art chasers. Vermont Public Radio Art Hounds is bringing the power of PIN to their community with weekly features from the station’s own Art Hounds, bragging about awesome art in the Green Mountain State. Like MPR, VPR is a statewide network so harnessing the knowledge of those in every corner of the state is really only possible from sources in PIN who share their local arts choice. The Vermont Arts Council has promoted VPR’s new feature to help spread the word about the flourishing arts community throughout the state.

More than 50 Vermonters have become Art Hounds in just a few weeks. The folks at VPR are thrilled with the enthusiasm from the community and are excited to bring relevant, local arts suggestions to them from their neighbors.  We can’t wait to see where VPR takes their Art Hounds — and where their Art Hounds take them.

Annie Anderson Engagement and Inclusion Manager
Public Insight Network

Annie Anderson has the privilege of working with PIN partners around the country, providing training, coaching and support. In the last two years she has focused on diversifying and growing the Network. She specializes in community engagement opportunities and counseling.

While earning a master’s in public policy from the Humphrey School, she yearned for journalism by the people that could inform and respond to policy. Enter PIN: journalistic civic agency at its finest. She deeply believes that everyone is an expert and knows their own experience better than anyone else.