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Thirty-seven million Americans owe money on their student loans – and many of them owe a lot of it. The average student loan balance this year is more than $24,000, the most it has ever been.

But student loan debt isn’t just a problem for recent graduates. A third of all borrowers are over 39. And delinquency rates for 40-year-olds are almost twice as high as they are for people in their 20s, suggesting that some older borrowers may be having an especially hard time managing their debt. And student loans– unlike most other forms of debt – generally can’t be eliminated by declaring bankruptcy. So some older people are finding themselves crippled by debt – even as they look ahead to retirement.

The Public Insight Network’s Samara Freemark reports:

THIS WEEK’S FEED: Student loans
Aug. 27, 2012

AUDIO FEATURE | Forget retirement: Many older Americans are still paying off student loans
Unlike most other forms of debt, student loans generally can’t be eliminated in bankruptcy. Some older borrowers face the reality of taking their debt to the grave.
Reporter: Samara Freemark, PIN reporter/producer
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ONLINE FEATURE | Video: Paul Moe
Paul Moe, of Edina, Minn., decided on his 50th birthday to fulfill a lifelong dream and go to law school. He took out $57,000 in student loans. Twenty years later, at age 69, his debt has ballooned to $158,000 and he’s in default.
Producers: Anna Weggel, PIN analyst and Samara Freemark, PIN reporter/producer
Link:  Voices of debt: Paul Moe

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