PIN drives Colorado Public Radio debate coverage

Lee Hill
Colorado Public Radio

I’d like to flag a big part of our debate coverage yesterday that made us all really proud at Colorado Public Radio.

Coloradio Public Radio debate-watchers (Photo shared by Lee Hill | CPR)

Coloradio Public Radio invited six PIN sources to dine, discuss and watch Wednesday’s presidential debate. (Photo shared by Lee Hill | CPR)

Through PIN, we assembled a politically diverse group of six voters — after sifting through well over 100 responses to these three queries – and invited them to our studios for a special debate-watch dinner party and taping.

They came two by two: Two Democrats, two Republicans and two undecided/unaffiliated voters.

We taped them before the debate to talk about their expectations and what they were itching to hear from the candidates. The conversation was based on the issues directly affecting their lives as told to us through PIN. Then dinner.

After that, the group sat in front of televisions — armed with notepads and pens — for the debate broadcast. They watched (see the photo). They wrote. Afterward, we brought them back into a studio to hear their reactions to the candidates and the issues. Before we knew it, some were debating each other — while others discovered some common ground!

We turned it around for today. It was a looooong night (post-production went well into the morning) of solid newsroom teamwork. And we think it was worth it. A short version aired today during Morning Edition, with the extended group conversation airing on our flagship daily program, Colorado Matters. Hear for yourself!


Lee Hill Analyst/Reporter
Colorado Public Radio
Lee Hill joined Colorado Public Radio in May 2011 as a PIN analyst and reporter. He is responsible for managing CPR's PIN, reporting on public experiences and perspectives, and introducing listeners to Coloradans who want to share their stories.