Quarterly newsletter: PIN adds value for election coverage

Annie Anderson
Engagement and Inclusion Manager
Public Insight Network

In this quarter’s installment of the Public Insight Network newsletter, we look at recent trends in source growth, query and email activity, and PIN-informed content.

We highlight examples of the variety of content that PIN partners have produced between June and September and the impact of their coverage. You can see (and download) the full content of the newsletter by scrolling through the file embedded in this post (at left).

Across the PIN community, the top queries (by number of responses) were:

APM newsrooms

Partner newsrooms

Even in the midst of an active election season, PIN partners continue to turn to the network to locate authentic voices and to find insight quickly on a wide range of topics that are not only part of the news cycle, but that sources have identified as significant to their lives.

Curious about these newsrooms?  See our partner list here. To learn how to become a PIN newsroom, send a note to partner@publicinsightnetwork.org.


Annie Anderson Engagement and Inclusion Manager
Public Insight Network

Annie Anderson has the privilege of working with PIN partners around the country, providing training, coaching and support. In the last two years she has focused on diversifying and growing the Network. She specializes in community engagement opportunities and counseling.

While earning a master’s in public policy from the Humphrey School, she yearned for journalism by the people that could inform and respond to policy. Enter PIN: journalistic civic agency at its finest. She deeply believes that everyone is an expert and knows their own experience better than anyone else.