Undecided to the end: Lisa Boylan on regretting her vote

Anna Weggel
Public Insight Network

On Election Day, Lisa Boylan says her hand hovered over the presidential nominees on the ballot as her head swam with the voices of her husband, her mother, her best friend and even her five-year-old son — all sharing opinions on who she should vote for.

We first introduced you to Lisa Boylan, an artist, author and mom from Forest Lake, Minn., just a few days before the Nov. 6 election as she was busy doing homework about the candidates’ positions on issues that matter most to her.

After filling in the oval next to Mitt Romney and turning in her ballot, the regret began almost immediately. It has stayed with her, throughout the rest of the day and all of last week — well after her chosen candidate lost Minnesota and the election.

Here’s Boylan’s take on deciding who to vote for at the last minute, and how she says she’ll do things differently next time.



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