Marketplace features veterans’ waits

Jeff Jones
Engagement Editor
Public Insight Network

Waiting is just part of the routine for veterans seeking service from the government. This week, Marketplace featured two of our stories about combat veterans trying to get by as they wait for the Department of Veterans Affairs to process their disability claims.

Marketplace Money focuses on personal finance, so they highlighted the story of Eric Batory, a former Army combat medic who was in danger of falling behind on rent and car insurance payments while he waited on his VA disability claim.

Batory received temporary assistance through a fund in Arizona created specifically to turn donations into short-term grants for service members, veterans or their families.

Hear the story here:

Marketplace’s afternoon program went on to feature a few of the homeless veterans we met in Phoenix who are also waiting for help from the VA.

Listen to the story here:

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Jeff Jones Engagement Editor
Public Insight Network

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