PINcast Episode 8: After combat, a wait for returning veterans

Anna Weggel
Public Insight Network

In this episode of the PINcast, we hear from two reporters on the Public Insight Network’s editorial team about their ongoing coverage of the long waits that veterans have to endure as they apply for disability benefits from the government.

Jeff Severns Guntzel and Samara Freemark talk about a recent reporting trip to Phoenix, which has some of the longest average wait times in the county.

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Anna Weggel Analyst
Public Insight Network

Anna Weggel is a Public Insight Analyst, which means she spends her time crafting questions about upcoming story topics to send to sources in the Public Insight Network and then produces web, audio and video content featuring those sources.

Before finding her home at APM in 2008, Anna received her B.A. in journalism, was the editor in chief of The Minnesota Daily, and internship hopped through Mother Jones, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Pioneer Press, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, and the Downtown Journal. Anna's non-work life is held hostage by the stage -- where she performs improv comedy and shows with her lady bluegrass band.