What’s one change you’ve made to improve your health in 2012?

Melody Ng
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A retired pastor — the father of a friend of mine — recently decided to only eat yogurt.


(Photo by Justin Sullivan | Getty Images)

He’s long struggled with his weight. But this year, he pushed himself into a gym routine and a new body.

So while others around the country are going gluten-free or caveman, he’s sticking with yogurt — because it fills him up, but also because he doesn’t like it so much that he overeats. (He’s the first to admit this is NOT a doctor-approved diet, by the way.)

I, by contrast, have done nothing to improve my health this year, other than buying a pair of running shoes with pink laces.

That’s why I’m looking for your inspiration and advice:

What is one change you’ve made to improve your health this year? And what advice do you have for someone who wants to make a similar change?

Share your story and tips here.

We’ll post some responses here in time to help with all that New Year’s resolution writing that’s inevitably on the way.



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