How are you mourning the Newtown victims?

Samara Freemark
Public Insight Network

A New England Patriots fan shows support for the victims of Friday’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings before the Patriots played the San Francisco 49ers in Massachusetts Sunday. (Photo by Getty Images)

Even for those who didn’t personally know the victims, Friday’s shooting in Newtown, Conn., was gut-wrenching.

It seemed we all needed to find a way to mourn, to reflect and to share in our collective grief.

From an impromptu vigil in St. Paul, Minn., to a moment of silence on the New York Stock Exchange to the 26 Christmas trees given by an anonymous North Carolina donor, people around the country have found ways to show their support for the victims and their families.

We’d like to hear about the things – large and small – that people are doing to respond to the tragedy. Did you hug your children a little harder this weekend? Did you send that letter you’ve been meaning to write for ages? Build a shrine? Organize a fundraiser or volunteer your time? Moving forward, will you do anything differently to take care of yourself, your family and your community?

Please tell us what you’re doing and thinking.

We’ll share the pictures and stories you submit on our website.

Thanks so much for sharing your insights.


Samara Freemark Reporter
Public Insight Network

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