Is Mars your Muse?

Melody Ng
Public Insight Network
"Humans Explore Phobos," by Pascal Lee is a 2008 painting that depicts the human exploration of Mars' inner moon, Phobos. (Image via Flickr)

“Humans Explore Phobos,” by Pascal Lee is a 2008 painting that depicts the human exploration of Mars’ inner moon, Phobos. (Image via Pascal Lee on Flickr)

Attention all Mars geeks:

Over the next few months, the Public Insight Network will be exploring Mars.

But we need your help!

We’ll be asking for stories about how the red planet has influenced your life or career — and how it’s inspired your creativity. Why do you care about Mars? Would you fly to Mars if you knew you might never make it back to Earth?

You can be part of our Martian exploration in a lot of different ways:

What’s the big deal?
Tell us why Mars matters to you.

Would you go?
Mars One, an international organization that pledges to get humans to Mars in 2023, starts astronaut selection this spring. But even if everything goes perfectly, it’s a one-way trip.  Would you go?  Are you ready to make Mars home?

Is Mars your muse?
Sure, the science of Mars is fascinating, but we also want to explore art and pop culture with a Martian twist. What have you created? We’d love to see your original artwork or writing. 

We’ll be posting our favorite responses on this Tumblr page, along with other discoveries we make along the way.

We hope you’ll be part of this mission to Mars.


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