Reaching veterans through the Public Insight Network

Meg Cramer
PIN analyst

Next week marks the 10th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. Newsrooms around the country have been using the Public Insight Network to bring firsthand veteran experience to their reporting and to bring people together for engagement events in their communities. These organizations are using PIN to connect with veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and find out what issues matter to a new generation returning from war.

Where did they serve?


Southern California Public Radio used PIN to ask veterans about the paths they took from California to the cities, oceans and countries where they served. Their stories are displayed on an interactive map on

U.S. service members weigh in on politics

Last fall, Southern California Public Radio used PIN to empower veterans and active duty service members to weigh in on the final presidential debate for the talkshow, “Take Two.” Guests discussed how foreign policy decisions affect members of the military and their families. The program is archived here: What do US service members think of the final presidential debate?

Raising kids in the military


Michigan Radio reporter Sarah Alvarez met with a group of military spouses to discuss the ways that stress and trauma affect children in military families. Listen to the full story to learn more about the challenges some families face and find out what resources are available to families that need help.

Insights from a new generation of veterans


For the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war, KQED in San Francisco plans to discuss the war’s impact on service members and their families as well as people who do business in Iraq and Iraqi refugees. Has the Iraq war touched your life? You can share your insights and help inform KQED’s coverage.


Meg Cramer PIN analyst

Before joining the Public Insight Network as an analyst, Meg Cramer was a public insight journalist for Changing Gears at Michigan Radio. There, she engaged with sources around issues of economic change throughout the Midwest.

Over the last year, Meg has been focused on helping people participate in the news-making process. Her reporting has aired on Marketplace, WBEZ and Michigan Radio.