Shooting the stars: Ask a photographer [archived live chat]

Muna Hassan
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[published on April 16, 2013 at]

The full chat:

Three photographers who take pictures of the night sky will share their expertise by answering your questions!

Tune in to our live photography chat on Tuesday, April 16 at 1:00 p.m. CDT to have all your photography questions answered. (Photo shared by Heidi Pinkerton)

Tune in to our live photography chat on Tuesday, April 16 at 1:00 p.m. CDT to have all your photography questions answered. (Photo shared by Heidi Pinkerton)

During the live event, you can follow along below, or send us your questions via Twitter using the hashtag #ScienceNight, and we’ll be sure to get you in on the conversation!

Then, during the night of the meteor shower, we want you to go out and try your hand at night photography! Take photos of the shower, send them to us and have the chance to get your photo on our Tumblr page!

Meet our photographers:

  • Bryan Hansel is an outdoor photographer in Grand Marais, Minn. He first learned about photography in the dark room of his high school, and he soon became enthralled with it. His passion for photography evolved from a hobby to a career. He has been a real estate photographer as well as worked in fine art landscape, magazine photography, portraits and commercial work. Hansel also offers photography workshops and courses. And Hansel wrote a great introduction to photographing the night sky on our Tumblr site!
  • Heidi Pinkerton is a nature photographer in Northern Minnesota. When talking about her enthusiasm for photography, she says, ”The camera is more of an extension of me: my way of capturing moments in time. Glimpses into the lives of animals I encounter and being surrounded by auroras make me feel like I’m not behind the camera at all, but actually sharing time and space with the natural world.” On our Tumblr site, Pinkerton gives advice on how to take pictures of a meteor shower.
  • Greg Marshall has been an amateur photographer for more than 40 years and started photographing the night sky in 2005. In his professional career as an electronics engineer, Marshall has mostly worked in image capture, processing and printing. He now operates a small business selling astrophotography prints and tools for astronomy. He lives near Portland, Oregon. On our Tumblr, Marshall taught us how to choose a good location to take a night sky photograph, and shared the other celestial objects he likes photographing.

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Muna Hassan Production Assistant
Public Insight Network
Muna Hassan is the Production Assistant for the Public Insight Network. Previously, she has been a writer at a community newspaper, editor at a technical magazine and web producer at a political analysis website. She enjoys learning about different people and loves hearing stories from all walks of life. In her free time, Muna keeps herself busy by delving into a variety of different projects, including teaching bootcamp and yoga classes; studying different languages and cultures; and working with adults with disabilities.