‘Undocumented’ or ‘illegal’? A collaborative PIN mapping project

Meg Cramer
PIN analyst

When the Associated Press updated its stylebook to remove the term “illegal immigrant,” John Rosman from the Fronteras Desk wondered how others describe people who live in the U.S. illegally, so he sent out a query and started mapping responses.

KPCC’s Ashley Alvarado took notice. “As soon as I saw the Fronteras Desk map, I had idea and source envy,” she says. “We had done a similar query early this year, which fed on-air segments and some online content. But we hadn’t mapped anything. And, as I looked at what John at Fronteras put together, I was struck by the notion of how powerful it would be to see this represented on a national level. They already have responses from several states, but there are many holes, too. I thought we could work together to fill that space.”

Ashley reached out to John about collaborating, and they decided to open the project to everyone in the network.

If you’d like to share the query with your sources and contribute to the map, we’d love for you to join the project! Get started by contacting Ashley Alvarado at aalvarado@scpr.org. She’ll add your organization to the AIR project and you’ll be able to send the query to sources in your network.




Meg Cramer PIN analyst

Before joining the Public Insight Network as an analyst, Meg Cramer was a public insight journalist for Changing Gears at Michigan Radio. There, she engaged with sources around issues of economic change throughout the Midwest.

Over the last year, Meg has been focused on helping people participate in the news-making process. Her reporting has aired on Marketplace, WBEZ and Michigan Radio.