Quarterly newsletter: A look back on the last two years of PIN

Annie Anderson
Engagement and Inclusion Manager
Public Insight Network

In this quarter’s installment of the Public Insight Network newsletter, we celebrate the last two years of growth and innovation at PIN and PIN newsrooms, and ask for the help of our partners in taking a fresh look at our partner communications going forward.

We highlight links to what PIN partners have been working on – the questions they’re asking, the content they’re creating, and they engagement they’re encouraging. You’ll also get a peek into a human-centered journalism workshop PIN led at PRNDI in Cleveland, links to collaborative reporting by APM’s PIN editorial team, and a roundup of some of the most notable developments from PIN, much of which went on behind the scenes.

In the last two years, the Public Insight Network has:
  • Hosted 39 people from 25 different partner organizations at PINCamp 2013;
  • Transformed our training program into a self-service model that reflects partners’ need for quick, streamlined access to support modules;
  • Consolidated and streamlined our software platform to focus on core business needs, including query-making and email capabilities within AIR, the ability to track content through PINfluence, updates to the search functionality based on user feedback;
  • Strengthened partnerships with other information intermediaries including librarians and educators, and embedded PIN in top-tier journalism schools;
  • Released an API, which enables programmers at news organizations to customize how they publish insights from PIN sources;
  • Built an editorial team capable of producing a steady stream of content driven by the PIN, which appears on partner sites, NPR, This American Life and the New York Times; 
  • Diversified and expanded the pool of sources available to journalists, growing the number of sources in PIN by 100% and more than doubling the geographic region, ethnicity, political affiliation, and age diversity;
  • Grown by 102,091 sources across all PIN newsrooms, doubling the number of sources in the Network! Of these, 55,168 people are now sources for Global PIN, which means that all Standard PIN partners have access to search and query these new people;
  • Published 3,257 queries across all PIN newsrooms, garnering a total of 115,911 source submissions; and
  • Filed PINfluence 2,289 times.  45 partners reported PIN-informed pieces of content, producing a total of 2,289 stories, interviews, or events informed by the PIN community since April 2011.

We welcome your feedback and ideas about how we can best share what’s happening Network-wide and communicate what’s most valuable to you and your organization. Curious about these partners or what it means to be a PIN journalist?  See our partner list here. To learn how to become a PIN journalist, click here.

Annie Anderson Engagement and Inclusion Manager
Public Insight Network

Annie Anderson has the privilege of working with PIN partners around the country, providing training, coaching and support. In the last two years she has focused on diversifying and growing the Network. She specializes in community engagement opportunities and counseling.

While earning a master’s in public policy from the Humphrey School, she yearned for journalism by the people that could inform and respond to policy. Enter PIN: journalistic civic agency at its finest. She deeply believes that everyone is an expert and knows their own experience better than anyone else.