All PIN training materials are now open access

Joellen Easton
Business Development Manager
Public Insight Network

I’m happy to announce today that PIN users no longer need a password to access the more than 125 PIN training articles on

This one simple change makes it easier for PIN users, as well as anyone curious about engagement-driven journalism, to learn the ins and outs of the Public Insight Network and how it can transform your journalism. For PIN users, this means the only password you need to remember now is the password for AIR (what we call the PIN platform).

Here are five super-useful training articles worth checking out:


Joellen Easton Business Development Manager
Public Insight Network
Joellen Easton gets to chart the next mission for PIN: New ways to use the network for meeting information needs, with new partners and new technologies. All shiny objects cross her desk.

Her background is in anthropology, and she has produced for WGBH, PRI’s The World, and as a freelancer. She first worked with PIN at Marketplace as a PIN analyst for four years, and after that as partners manager for three years, leading the training and support team. She is degreed from Tufts and MIT.