Alison Brody

Public Insight Network

Alison Brody spends her day surrounded by stories from people all across the country. She works with journalists from newsrooms like NPR and The New York Times to help turn these insights into meaningful journalism (i.e., not from a press release or a political speech).

Before joining the PIN team, Alison worked as a PIN analyst at the public radio show Marketplace. For two years she asked questions about credit card debt, employment, unemployment and health insurance. She's also worked at Los Angeles’ public television station, where she helped produce an international news pilot and a digital prototype that was half game, half social network, aimed at teaching students about the U.S. Constitution.

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How to plan for the future with your aging loved one

It's one of the hardest conversations people ever have with a family member. And the temptation to put it off often makes it all the more difficult, says Nancy Fiedelman, who has dedicated her career to helping families get those conversations right.

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Caring for the caregiver

Even though millions of Americans care for sick and aging loved ones, caregivers we hear from talk most about how socially isolated they feel. Join our conversation about the realities of caregiving.

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Doctors take on the Family and Medical Leave Act

Many hail the FMLA as a success, 20 years on. But it's far from perfect -- especially in the eyes of doctors, who tell us the paperwork asks them to be soothsayers and places them in the middle of companies and their employees.

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Veterans: How hard is it to move on from war?

A 2008 survey of returning service members found that about one-third of respondents said they had experienced some type of mental health issue since getting home. As these conflicts wind down, do we fully understand what the experience of combat can do to a person?