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Curious sources guide reporting

For a new reporting initiative, Transforming Health, witf asked PIN sources to submit questions on health-related topics they'd like to learn more about. One source asked if the Affordable Care Act will encourage Americans to make healthier lifestyle choices, and the question led to this story about workplace incentives for healthy living.

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Remix the news: Sun Life Stadium edition

In January, the Miami Dolphins announced a controversial plan to completely renovate Sun Life Stadium, paid for, in part, by a hotel tax increase. WLRN wanted to give people a way to express their feelings on the issue, so the newsroom gathered audio clips from commission meetings and press conferences, and asked PIN sources to remix the news.

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Bad air day

For a segment on Access Utah, a public affairs program on Utah Public Radio, reporter Jennifer Pemberton shared questions and comments from PIN sources about the impact of air pollution on Cache County, Utah. The segment includes insights gathered at UPR's "Bad Air" story booth on Earth Day.

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PIN sources share Prop 8 stories

With every new development concerning Proposition 8, California's ban on gay marriage, the KPCC newsroom has reached out to listeners and Public Insight Network news sources to ask how they are being affected. For this Facebook gallery, they decided to showcase some of those photos and stories.

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HIV groups prepare for health care redesign

Community organizations that provide HIV and AIDS related services are preparing for funding changes that will come with the Affordable Care Act. Two PIN sources contribute to this story from WAMU's Jacob Fenston, who reports on how groups are adapting and how funding changes may impact the services they provide. Get the full story here.