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What we hate and what we love about California driving

Driving in California was once joy-inducing. Look no further than The Beach Boys or The Doobie Brothers.

In 1958, there were just under 8 million registered vehicles sharing California's freeways.

Today, the number of registered cars has nearly quadrupled; at the end of 2017 there were 35.4 million cars and trucks and trailers on the road.

Our freeway building hasn't kept up with the added traffic. No wonder our commutes can be slow, miserable slogs.

We asked what you hate and what you love about your commute. As you’d expect, there’s a whole lot of negative feeling out there.

People hate congestion. Construction. Parking. Inconsiderate drivers.

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These LA love stories will give you all the feels

With all the unrest in the world, it's easy to forget that great things can happen to people — sometimes, when they least expect it.

In search of some of that goodness, KPCC asked listeners to brag about the person nearest and dearest to them, and share their LA meet-cutes.

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Here’s what this year’s tax changes mean for 4 California households

It's that time of year. Though April 15 may seem far in the future, a W2 arriving in the mail signals it's time to start thinking about taxes.

And this year, many people are probably wondering what the GOP's tax overhaul — signed into law by President Trump at the end of 2017 — will mean for their 2018 taxes.

KPCC has been breaking down what these tax changes have in store for a group of Southern Californians at different income levels.

From low-income grad students to highly paid professionals, they all agreed to share their most recent tax returns with KPCC and have them analyzed by Los Angeles-based H&R Block tax preparer Aaron Martinez. He looked at what each household reported to the IRS in 2016, then calculated what they would have paid instead under the new laws.