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Anna Weggel is a Public Insight Analyst, which means she spends her time crafting questions about upcoming story topics to send to sources in the Public Insight Network and then produces web, audio and video content featuring those sources.

Before finding her home at APM in 2008, Anna received her B.A. in journalism, was the editor in chief of The Minnesota Daily, and internship hopped through Mother Jones, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Pioneer Press, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, and the Downtown Journal. Anna's non-work life is held hostage by the stage -- where she performs improv comedy and shows with her lady bluegrass band.

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What influences your food choices the most?

While you might think you make only a handful of food-related decisions every day, studies show that that number is more than 200! Does Michelle Obama, with her “Let’s Move” campaign and involvement with MyPlate, inspire you to lead a healthier life and choose more nutritious foods? Or are you motivated by research data, like... Read more »

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What are your hopes for the new pope?

After two days of conclave, Catholic cardinals chose a new pope Wednesday. Pope Francis I has a list of "firsts" attached to his election, and we want to know what people are hoping for with the new appointment.

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“It hurts”: Living with the R-word

Most of us have heard the word "retarded" used in a derogatory way. A recent campaign by Special Olympics to "spread the word to end the word" has asked people to stop using the word altogether. What's your experience with the word?

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The R-word: Ban it or understand it?

What is your experience with this word or other similar words? Should "retarded" become socially unacceptable or just be better understood? What is your reaction when you hear the word? And how hard or easy is it to really change the way people talk about something?

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PINcast Epsiode 11: Underwater robotics on a shoestring budget

We talk to Michigan Radio's Sarah Alvarez. She just finished working on a five-part series about the education system in Stockbrige, Mich., a small town about an hour away from Ann Arbor, where the schools are operating on a shoestring budget and the students are getting creative with their learning.