Anna Weggel

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Anna Weggel is a Public Insight Analyst, which means she spends her time crafting questions about upcoming story topics to send to sources in the Public Insight Network and then produces web, audio and video content featuring those sources.

Before finding her home at APM in 2008, Anna received her B.A. in journalism, was the editor in chief of The Minnesota Daily, and internship hopped through Mother Jones, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Pioneer Press, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, and the Downtown Journal. Anna's non-work life is held hostage by the stage -- where she performs improv comedy and shows with her lady bluegrass band.

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What would you tell lawmakers about immigration?

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators has outlined an immigration policy¬†overhaul¬†that includes a path to citizenship. President Barack Obama has publicly praised the plan. Now we want to hear from you. If you had the ear of a senator, or even the president, what would you want to share about your own experience with America’s... Read more »

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Stories: “Why I own a gun”

As with many issues, how we feel about guns often depends on our experiences with them. Here, some gun owners share the stories of the nuanced relationships they have with firearms.

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What informs your position on gun issues?

Our hunch is that people come to their ideas about guns less through the arguments of politicians and more through their own experience and the stories they hear from people they know. So we're asking for your stories.

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Life changes: Leaving the mountains for love

First in a series about how life changes impact our health: When Carolyn Waters left the Cascade Mountains for Kentucky, she replaced birdsong with traffic noise and pristine vistas with parking lots. But a continent no longer separates her from the people she loves.