Anna Weggel

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Anna Weggel is a Public Insight Analyst, which means she spends her time crafting questions about upcoming story topics to send to sources in the Public Insight Network and then produces web, audio and video content featuring those sources.

Before finding her home at APM in 2008, Anna received her B.A. in journalism, was the editor in chief of The Minnesota Daily, and internship hopped through Mother Jones, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Pioneer Press, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, and the Downtown Journal. Anna's non-work life is held hostage by the stage -- where she performs improv comedy and shows with her lady bluegrass band.

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How do political divisions affect your relationships?

As election time inches closer, it’s getting increasingly difficult for people to hide their political opinions. And with outlets like Facebook and Twitter, it only takes a click to make your opinions known. The Public Insight Network and This American Life are looking for stories of how the red/blue divide is affecting everyday life and... Read more »

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How do you save on food?

A summer of excessive heat and drought around the world has led food prices toward a late-summer spike and has caused a leading global humanitarian group to warn of higher food costs in years to come. The 2012 drought is affecting nearly 80 percent of the United States’ agricultural land, and consumers will feel the effects... Read more »

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Choosing to (air)brush off the office life

Peter Joyes traded a career in business for the life of a State Fair artist. For more than three decades, he delighted people with his airbrush portraits until working conditions and the economics of summer festivals conspired against him.

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PINcast Episode 5: What to do about liars

In today's episode of PINcast, we discuss what happens when a person answers a newsroom's questions with false information, as we chat with the St. Louis Beacon's Linda Lockhart and the PIN's own Joellen Easton.

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The $27,000 wedding

What’s driving that cost? Is it the venue? The flowers? The dress? Listen to reflections and tips -- and browse through photos as sources share their wedding stories.