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Dave Gustafson is a Public Insight Network reporter -- and the first-ever reporter hired to do journalism out of gamification. He embedded with Patchwork Nation, a project of the Jefferson Institute, to report around the Budget Hero game in June. Born in an Industrial Metropolis, he grew up in Service Worker Center and Campus and Careers community types. He now lives in a Monied Burb near Washington, D.C. Most recently, Dave was acting managing editor for digital news at the PBS NewsHour.

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The presidential debate: A Budget Heroes primer

More than half of tonight’s 90-minute debate between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney will focus on the economy and so-called pocketbook issues like unemployment and taxes. But nearly every issue, be it Medicare or military spending, has implications for the nation’s finances. So it might be wise for the candidates to consider how... Read more »

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In Southeast Ohio, Obama campaign gets personal

The Obama campaign is focusing its efforts in Southeast Ohio on recruiting local volunteers to canvass their own neighborhoods. “Some of the best conversations you’re going to have are going to take place in Kroger,” one campaign volunteer said.

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About our Budget Hero collaboration

Since 2008, Budget Hero, which was developed by the Public Insight team at American Public Media (APM) and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, has been helping Americans better understand how the massive federal budget works, the various tradeoffs involved, and how fiscal decisions affect Americans and future generations. With debt and deficit concerns... Read more »