Joellen Easton

Business Development Manager
Public Insight Network
Joellen Easton gets to chart the next mission for PIN: New ways to use the network for meeting information needs, with new partners and new technologies. All shiny objects cross her desk.

Her background is in anthropology, and she has produced for WGBH, PRI’s The World, and as a freelancer. She first worked with PIN at Marketplace as a PIN analyst for four years, and after that as partners manager for three years, leading the training and support team. She is degreed from Tufts and MIT.

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Making sense of upheaval at the University of Virginia

The sudden ouster of University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan took faculty, alumni and the public by surprise. Some are blaming partisan politics, while others see a culture clash between corporate-world board members and academics. WAMU's PIN sources weigh in on the latest. More at

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WAMU is up all night

WAMU in Washington, D.C. joined PIN only about six months ago.  In those six months, WAMU’s senior news editor Rebecca Blatt and online managing editor Seth Liss have experimented with using PIN as a resource for a wide variety of programming — from feature reporting to talk shows, to a pet segment. What’s struck me about their work, beyond the variety,... Read more »

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One school year, many education stories

This 25-minute radio documentary was the culmination of a 9-month reporting project following teachers, students and administrators to learn how budget cuts are affecting public schools. Both families in the series came either directly or indirectly from OPB's Public Insight Network. More at

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A look back at PIN Camp 2

Today, I’m back in Long Beach, CA after an intensive week in St. Paul, where the PIN team hosted the second annual PINCamp for Public Insight Network partners.  Bringing partners together is always invigorating and illuminating — and the best part is that 9 years in, on any given topic, not only is APM not... Read more »