Jeff Jones

Engagement Editor
Public Insight Network

Jeff Jones is the Engagement Editor for the Public Insight Network. He’s worked for Minnesota Public Radio/American Public Media since 2003, including producing and directing MPR’s “All Things Considered” with host Tom Crann from 2006 to 2010. He has edited hundreds of broadcast interviews, but the most memorable ones feature “regular folks” with surprising stories to tell.

Jeff strongly believes that places have stories, too. So he created MPR Sound Point, a mobile phone-based audio tour of interesting places in Minneapolis and Duluth that gives listeners a chance to “talk back” via the PIN.

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MPR News 50th Anniversary Special

This source was one of only 5 people to respond to this query, but she was a good one to have on the line right as we started the call-in portion of the broadcast. It helped us have someone right away to inspire other callers.

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Veterans: Help improve reporting on veterans

If you served in the U.S. military, your expertise can help reporters tell the story of the modern veteran experience. Here are a few specific ways your experience can help others understand this generation of veterans.

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Stories: “Why I own a gun”

As with many issues, how we feel about guns often depends on our experiences with them. Here, some gun owners share the stories of the nuanced relationships they have with firearms.

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Story feed: Veterans wait in line on disability claims

American troops are returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan only to wait in line, joining a growing queue of veterans seeking compensation -- payments and other support -- from the Department of Veterans Affairs for service-related disabilities. Across the country, local VA offices are struggling to process the backlog of more than 800,000 disability benefits claims. It can take months -- sometimes more than a year -- for veterans to find out how much, if at all, they'll be compensated for health issues related to their service.