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Soccer scores with bringing people together

Moving to a new location can be daunting; friends and family have often been left behind with little to no knowledge of where the path ahead may lead. So imagine the difficulty for those arriving from different countries; having to navigate a new langu...

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What does ‘right to work’ mean to you?

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder has said that Show Me State voters will get a chance in 2014 to decide whether to halt a long-standing policy that requires workers to pay union dues at a companies that have unions even if they don't become a union membe...

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Black Rep patrons offer ideas, hope for the future

The largest professional African-American theater company in the United States is looking for a new home now that the Grand Center organization has sold the Grandel Theater. PIN sources explain what the company means to them and offer suggestions of wh...

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Black Rep’s Ron Himes: The show will go on after loss of Grandel

Much is unknown about the Black Rep’s future after losing its Grandel Theater home at the close of the troupe’s 36th year. But one thing’s for certain, according to Black Rep founder Ron Himes. “We will have a 37th season,” Himes said. PIN sources, including Boeing engineer Kira Van Niel, shared with the Beacon just what the Black Rep means to them.