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Black Rep patrons offer ideas, hope for the future

The largest professional African-American theater company in the United States is looking for a new home now that the Grand Center organization has sold the Grandel Theater. PIN sources explain what the company means to them and offer suggestions of wh...

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Black Rep’s Ron Himes: The show will go on after loss of Grandel

Much is unknown about the Black Rep’s future after losing its Grandel Theater home at the close of the troupe’s 36th year. But one thing’s for certain, according to Black Rep founder Ron Himes. “We will have a 37th season,” Himes said. PIN sources, including Boeing engineer Kira Van Niel, shared with the Beacon just what the Black Rep means to them.

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Requiem for a department store, not a downtown

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay has a simple question to people trying to draw complicated conclusions from Macy’s impending departure from downtown St. Louis: When was the last time you shopped there. PIN sources weigh in on this report and share their insight about what's up in downtown St. Louis.

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Obesity, classified as a disease, is likely to command more attention, dollars — and respect

When an obese patient walks into a doctor's office, the physician isn't likely to talk about weight unless it's the reason for the visit. That attitude might change now that the American Medical Association has classified obesity as a disease. But not everyone believes obesity should be elevated to disease status. Take PIN source Joy Weese Moll, who shares her insight on why she’s not ready to embrace the AMA’s new position that obesity is a disease.

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‘Soy Yo!’: Play explores being multi-racial in a world where race matters

Few parents can imagine being accused of kidnapping your own children. But it happened to PIN source Shari LeKane-Yentumi of University City. LeKane-Yentumi shared her insight with the Beacon as reporter Nancy Fowler wrote about “Soy Yo! (I Am Me!) An Afro-Latina Suite,” a play that zeroes in on the issues around a specific ethnic mix: Latino and African-American.