Meg Cramer

PIN analyst

Before joining the Public Insight Network as an analyst, Meg Cramer was a public insight journalist for Changing Gears at Michigan Radio. There, she engaged with sources around issues of economic change throughout the Midwest.

Over the last year, Meg has been focused on helping people participate in the news-making process. Her reporting has aired on Marketplace, WBEZ and Michigan Radio.

Recent Posts


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WTUL’s ‘Deep Dialogue’ series asks: Where are you from?

Where are you from, originally? This simple question was the topic of a discussion at Community Book Center in New Orleans in April, and prompted a sweeping conversation about race, class, displacement, and what it means to be from a rapidly changing city with deep roots.

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Announcing Public Insight Network engagement funding recipients

The Public Insight Network is pleased to announce that we will be funding community engagement efforts in 18 public media newsrooms. The funding is intended to help stations generate content, organize events and meet the information needs of their communities through engagement.

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Midwest Migration

Through January we collected stories from Midwesterners who have left the region as part of our Midwest Migration project.¬† So far, we have heard from close to 200 people from around the world and featured over 50 sources on a dedicated page. We will be wrapping things up with an on-air piece and longer posts... Read more »