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As a Public Insight analyst, Melody Ng's job is all about finding out what people know, and then putting their experience and expertise to work making great news stories. She's particularly interested in getting diverse perspectives and voices into the news. So if you don’t hear people who think or sound like you in the news, then: Tell us what you know here. And come on into our newsroom!

Melody got into journalism through an internship with documentary unit American RadioWorks when looking for a different way to use the skills she had learned through doing science.

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Wanted: Photos of April (meteor) showers this weekend

Our focus on Mars and space exploration this spring has us excited about this weekend's meteor shower. And we need your help capturing photos of the event. Read some advice on shooting the night sky and then get your equipment ready.

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Planning for the worst case scenario — Alzheimer’s at 50

Dementia costs more to treat each year in the U.S. than cancer or heart disease and much of that cost is borne by family members in a caregiver role. Here is the story of one Minnesota family -- the parents who couldn't plan for early-onset Alzheimer's, and their daughter, who is ready for the worst.

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Do you live in a healthy place?

A new update to a longstanding website gives users access to a plethora of health data for nearly every county in America -- everything from smoking rates to the number of dentists or fast food restaurants. Maps make it easy to compare your county to the rest of your state.

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Is Mars your Muse?

Over the next few months, the Public Insight Network will be exploring Mars, but we need your help! We’ll be asking for stories about how the Red Planet has influenced your life or career -- and how it’s inspired your creativity. Why do you care about Mars?

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Five things doctors want

Straight from doctors' mouths: What would make their lives better -- and yours. Mostly, it's time they say they need -- and lots of financial change.

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Advice for a healthy 2013

Everyone can do one thing, make one change, to be healthier. Sometimes you just need some inspiration. John Mulligan (pictured) decided to go vegan. He and other folks who made changes in 2012 share some advice.

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Story feed: Veterans wait in line on disability claims

American troops are returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan only to wait in line, joining a growing queue of veterans seeking compensation -- payments and other support -- from the Department of Veterans Affairs for service-related disabilities. Across the country, local VA offices are struggling to process the backlog of more than 800,000 disability benefits claims. It can take months -- sometimes more than a year -- for veterans to find out how much, if at all, they'll be compensated for health issues related to their service.