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How do you self-identify your ethnicity?

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Twenty-one percent of PIN sources have shared their race or ethnicity with us. What does it mean for us, as journalists, when the words “mutt” or “human” or “carbon-based” show up as answers to that question?

When it’s OK to steal from other newsrooms…

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breaking in

One of the things journalists working with the Public Insight Network get really good at is coming up with successful and inventive ways to ask questions of their sources. And when queries are successful with one audience, often they can be successful with other groups too: So we encourage our community of journalists and editors… Read more »

PINcast Episode 5: What to do about liars

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In today’s episode of PINcast, we discuss what happens when a person answers a newsroom’s questions with false information, as we chat with the St. Louis Beacon’s Linda Lockhart and the PIN’s own Joellen Easton.

What will get people to “tell” us their story?

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SoundCloud access

Comments, photos and video have long been the currency of the interactive web. Somehow, audio got skipped. But now smartphones and services like SoundCloud are making it easy for users to share their own voices with public radio stations.

About our Budget Hero collaboration

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Since 2008, Budget Hero, which was developed by the Public Insight team at American Public Media (APM) and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, has been helping Americans better understand how the massive federal budget works, the various tradeoffs involved, and how fiscal decisions affect Americans and future generations. With debt and deficit concerns… Read more »

WAMU is up all night

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WAMU in Washington, D.C. joined PIN only about six months ago.  In those six months, WAMU’s senior news editor Rebecca Blatt and online managing editor Seth Liss have experimented with using PIN as a resource for a wide variety of programming — from feature reporting to talk shows, to a pet segment. What’s struck me about their work, beyond the variety,… Read more »