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The people’s agenda revealed in Colorado

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The idea of collaboration with an audience doesn’t mean much until that starts showing up in the work you do. Doing that online is essential, and should be the first order of business since the news real estate is endless. But it’s more of a challenge to get that collaboration to permeate the work you… Read more »

Mixing journalism with engagement – why it’s worth it

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Talking about how a paradigm has shifted is far different than doing things to accommodate that change. That’s the idea behind a recent webinar that we did in partnership with the National Center for Media Engagement. The PIN team and NCME focused this first of a three-webinar series on making public forums work for journalism…. Read more »

Introducing the PINcast

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Welcome to the pilot episode of the new PIN podcast!  We’re calling it the PINcastand this is Episode 1. My name is Anna Weggel, and I’m a public insight analyst for American Public Media. That means I divide my time between training and mentoring our partner stations across the country, and producing fascinating content from the… Read more »

Simple questions revealing complex stories: voting and immigration

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Changing Gears launched a very simple query the day of Michigan’s Republican primary, asking people about their decision-making process when it came to choosing a candidate. We plan to use it for all elections, including super Tuesday. The query was very successful! Voters were open about what issues, actions or ideology was motivating them. They also… Read more »

Why Tumblr for Dispatches from the American Now?

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Remember the scene from “The American President,” when Michael Douglas plans to head to Annette Benning’s apartment to win her back?  (“Groveling will be involved.”)  Staff and Secret Service are all atwitter about security and transportation when he barks: “Someone must have a Chevy I can borrow.” Tumblr is the Chevy we borrowed. When we… Read more »

How PIN sources helped us cover the State of the Union address

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PIN took a lead role in CPR’s coverage of President Obama’s State of the Union address. About 24 hours ahead of the speech, we reached out to PIN sources asking them 1) if they’d be watching and 2) whether they “connected” with the president’s outlined priorities (released by the White House in advance of the… Read more »

On deadline: Find consumers scrambling for ExpressScripts alternatives

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In January, the Beacon’s health reporter Robert Joiner wanted to do a quick reaction report after Express Scripts Inc., a metro-St. Louis based pharmacy benefit manager, and Walgreens Pharmacy severed ties for in-network coverage of prescriptions. Consumers had filled 88 million discounted prescriptions at Walgreens last year under the chain’s agreement with Express Scripts, the… Read more »