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Midwest Migration

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Through January we collected stories from Midwesterners who have left the region as part of our Midwest Migration project.  So far, we have heard from close to 200 people from around the world and featured over 50 sources on a dedicated page. We will be wrapping things up with an on-air piece and longer posts… Read more »

Inflamed sources react with recommendations and testimonials

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A first-person piece by the New York Times correspondent in Kansas City, Arthur Sulzberger, generated some great PIN feedback for us. Sulzberger wrote that as a vegetarian, he often goes hungry because he’s now based in the “Mecca of meat,” where iceberg lettuce is often the only fresh produce he can find. I kept the query lighthearted… Read more »

LJC PIN work in November and December

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Playing catchup, here.  Gremlins deleted my past post about November, so this month will be a double post. In the last two months Changing Gears has been helping sources tell their own stories, and planning a national-scale project on Midwest out-migration.  From Sarah Alvarez: For November I would like to highlight the work done for… Read more »

Watch it again! The Public Media Metrics & LJC webinar

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In case you missed it, we have archived our December 2011 webinar on Local Journalism Centers’ web metrics, hosted by the Public Insight Network and Mark Fuerst from Public Media Metrics (PMM). We were fortunate to have strong attendance, with representatives from LJCs spanning the country. Several shared traffic success stories, as well as pain… Read more »

Demystifying the Public Insight Network to increase engagement

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The old model of news went something like this: “We talk, you listen.” With some notable exceptions, email and social media have done little to change that model. I’d argue that journalists are by and large tapping social networks to promote journalism already produced, not to shape journalism by gathering and synthesizing many, diverse perspectives…. Read more »

Starting the churn…

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When I started as a reporter (back when Reagan’s jelly beans were in the White House) you had to choose your medium. You wrote for a paper, you talked on the radio, you shot video. The Internet now enables the reporter to pick up the tool of her choice – keyboard, microphone or camera –… Read more »

LJC PIN work in October

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Every month I take a look at what PIN newsrooms have been working on, and put together a note touching on work in newsrooms across the country. In the last month I was struck by how many newsrooms are increasingly leveraging what PIN can do uniquely well: finding new story angles, collecting story tips, bringing… Read more »

LJCs and Public Media Metrics

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When it comes to news websites, no metric is more basic than the almighty page view. In order to better understand the online audience for LJC content, the Public Insight Network and our LJC partners are working with Public Media Metrics (PMM) to share and analyze Google Analytics data from the three LJC partner sites. PMM describes… Read more »

Nothing beats building on a good thing

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That’s precisely how to describe the position I’m in as the PIN support analyst for the Local Journalism Centers. The analysts who work for the LJCs directly (Peggy Lowe, Sarah Alvarez and Nick Blumberg) have gotten into the groove of adding sources to their networks, gathering sources’ insights, and working that material into content. When… Read more »