Every week we highlight a few stories produced by PIN partner newsrooms informed by sources in the Public Insight Network.

What’s your immigration story?

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KUHF held the event Destination Houston: Storytelling Sessions to capture the personal stories of immigrants who call the Bayou City home. As we celebrate this Independence Day weekend, KUHF’s weekly talk show, Houston Matters will explore these storie…

Stereotypes cloud immigration debate

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Without PIN, KOSU would not have been able to find someone who has lived in the country for decades as an illegal immigrant, yet doesn’t fit any of the common preconceptions. LIkewise, PIN helped us find someone who is here legally, yet has a back stor…

The joys and difficulties of becoming an American citizen

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In advance of the Fourth of July, we looked at the meaning of citizenship in this country.Recently, the Crawford Family Forum hosted a PIN-driven program called Becoming American, hosted by Take Two’s A Martinez. The panel included Bricia Lopez, Mexica…

#ProjectCitizen: Serving on a jury is one of the few requirements of being a US citizen

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Do a Google search on “How to get out of jury duty” and you’ll find what depths people sink to in the U.S. to avoid the one thing they’re required to do as a citizen. People act like jerks, claim racial biases, and pretend to be crazy.

To launch our new series #ProjectCitizen—which looks at the rights and responsibilities that come along with citizenship—we reached out to sources in the network to learn about their jury duty experiences.