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Obesity, classified as a disease, is likely to command more attention, dollars — and respect

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When an obese patient walks into a doctor’s office, the physician isn’t likely to talk about weight unless it’s the reason for the visit. That attitude might change now that the American Medical Association has classified obesity as a disease. But not everyone believes obesity should be elevated to disease status. Take PIN source Joy Weese Moll, who shares her insight on why she’s not ready to embrace the AMA’s new position that obesity is a disease.

Requiem for a department store, not a downtown

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St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay has a simple question to people trying to draw complicated conclusions from Macy’s impending departure from downtown St. Louis: When was the last time you shopped there. PIN sources weigh in on this report and share their insight about what’s up in downtown St. Louis.

A Miami Story Of Love, Pride And Cuban Coffee

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We asked members if they were addicted to Cuban coffee, how often do they drink coffee, and what they would do without it. We received interesting feedback from people about their caffeine intake.