Every week we highlight a few stories produced by PIN partner newsrooms informed by sources in the Public Insight Network.

Self-identification and the U.S. Census

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Self-identification and the U.S. Census

As part of its ongoing conversation about Latino identity and the U.S. Census, KPCC asked listeners and readers how they self-identify. The answers go beyond “Hispanic” and “Latino,” and show the varied ways people describe themselves and their families. Some responses were used to guide the discussion on KPCC’s morning show, “Take Two.” Others were collected in a post on the Multi-American blog.

Minn. parents and teachers reflect on Newtown, talking with kids

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MPR News reached out to parents and to teachers in the Public Insight Network to find out how the Newtown, CT school shooting has affected how they interact with kids at home and in the classroom. Reporter Elizabeth Dunbar curated their responses, which reveal resilience, respect, and both children and adults grappling with events beyond comprehension. Read the reflections from parents and teachers at

Pointing out challenges with new marijuana law

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When Washington legalized marijuana, many people assumed they would be able to buy pot through legal and controlled outlets, much like liquor stores. But that isn’t happening in the short term. KUOW reporter Amy Radil connected with PIN source Martha Koester, who wants to try marijuana for her insomnia. More at

A couple using social media for ‘open adoption’

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staci and jay

November is National Adoption Month, and all month long KPCC has been asking people to share their adoption stories. One of those stories inspired the news team to look at how couples are using social media to do adoption. More at

Sources sharing health care stories

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scpr health

If your job is to understand and analyze health insurance in America, getting care should be a snap. But that’s not the case for Dahlia Remler. She’s a health economist and professor of public affairs at the City University of New York, but her struggle with her plan put her health and finances in jeopardy. In producing this piece, we turned to PIN sources to ask their biggest health care questions. More at

In a break from politics, fall photos!

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In a break from a scorching summer and the heat of election politics, the St. Louis Beacon’s features editor wanted to run a photo essay of what fall looks like. She collected photos from PIN sources, Beacon staffers and others. More at