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MPR crowdsources an election playlist

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For decades politicians have been selling their vision for the country with popular songs. Now it’s your turn. A week before the election, The Current Presents published a crowd-sourced playlist on the state of the union from voters across Minnesota. More at

‘Obamacare’ influencing Texas voters

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With election day looming, voters say the economy and the budget deficit are still their top priorities. But health care is not far behind. In many polls, voters rate the Affordable Care Act as the fourth most important issue in the presidential race. KUHF heard from local sources. More at

Scouting community on Boy Scouts’ ‘perversion files’

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When news broke that the Boy Scouts would release files on sex abuse allegations, SCPR’s public engagement editor published a quick PIN query asking people to tell the newsroom about their experiences. The responses were quite powerful, as demonstrated by Ben Bergman’s report. More at

Young voters share their experiences

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OPB News asked people under 30 across Oregon to share what issues are most important to them as they gear up to the election, and, more importantly, what life experiences have informed their perspective on those issues. More at

What does the Constitution mean to individuals?

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To help create engagement and an online conversation at their Constitution USA Tumblr page, TPT asked people which five words came to mind when it comes to the Constitution, why they chose those words and whether or not the Constitution personally affects them on a daily basis. This interaction helped TPT gauge interest people have regarding the Constitution and acted as a great catalyst for continuing the conversation. More at

What’s it like to live in a “saturation zone?”

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san bernardino mailers

Super PACs bolster Congressional campaigns in San Bernardino and Ventura counties by funding a flood of mailers to some homes. A PIN source describes what it’s like to live in the “Super PAC campaign saturation zone .” More at

U.S. Muslims on anti-Muslim film and its aftermath

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Shamout_South Bay Islamic Center

SCPR wanted to know how “The Innocence of Muslims” and violent reactions to the film have affected local Muslims. So they queried Muslims living in Southern California and throughout the United States, who have found themselves not only feeling targeted, but also uncomfortable watching the violent reaction overseas. More at’s Multi-American blog.

Crowdsourcing the truth of election fliers

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MPR’s new On Message feature asks people to share campaign fliers, ads, robocalls, emails and other campaign materials with the newsroom — and then MPR fact checks them and finds out who’s paying for them. More at