Every week we highlight a few stories produced by PIN partner newsrooms informed by sources in the Public Insight Network.

HIV groups prepare for health care redesign

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Community organizations that provide HIV and AIDS related services are preparing for funding changes that will come with the Affordable Care Act. Two PIN sources contribute to this story from WAMU’s Jacob Fenston, who reports on how groups are adapting and how funding changes may impact the services they provide. Get the full story here.

Are changes coming to the Selective Service?

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In the U.S., all adult men are required to register for the Selective Service. OPB reporters wanted to know how that requirement might change now that women are allowed into combat, and what weight registration still carries. One PIN source, someone who consciously did not register for Selective Service, contributed to a conversation about the requirement on OPB’s Think Out Loud.

Defense contractors scale back ahead of automatic spending cuts

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For his reporting on the sequester, KPCC journalist Ben Bergman wanted to speak with people who expect to be directly affected by the budget cuts. He reached out to the Public Insight Network, and John Stammereich’s response led to this story on California defense contractors. Read more here.

Whether we like it or not

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Eric Neill, a Harvest Public Media source and regular contributor to KCUR’s talk show, “Up to Date,” is featured in a Morning Edition story from KCUR’s Frank Morris. Neill talks about the storm that blanketed the Midwest last week, and why it’s a boon for his dairy farm. Get the full story here.

The women who ‘make’ Central Pennsylvania

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Through the Public Insight Network, witf has been collecting untold stories about remarkable women in Central Pennsylvania. They’re sharing these stories in conjunction with the PBS documentary “MAKERS: Women Who Changed America.” You can read about one of those women here, or learn more about the project on’s Maker’s page.

Beyond the gender box

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St. Louis Beacon reporter Nancy Fowler turned to PIN when she began working on a story around gender identity. She was looking for people from the LGBT community who identify as intersex or transgender. Several PIN sources shared their thoughts about gender labels and the choices they made about their own identities. Read the full story here.

Federal workers worry about furloughs, firings

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WAMU’s Matt Laslo reports that federal employees are bracing themselves for the across-the-board spending cuts that will happen if Congress doesn’t agree on a debt-reduction deal before March 1. One Public Insight Network source says it’s difficult for federal workers to plan ahead, knowing that automatic spending cuts could lead to furloughs and layoffs. Listen to the full story here.

As Boy Scouts mull ending gay ban, a former scout reflects on his experience

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When it was announced last year that the Boy Scouts perversion files would be made public, KPCC reached out to PIN sources. Some sources who wrote back raised another issue with the organization. They were angry about its ban on gay members. This week the Boy Scouts announced possible changes to that rule, and KPCC went back to one of those sources. Listen to the full story here.