Every week we highlight a few stories produced by PIN partner newsrooms informed by sources in the Public Insight Network.

All we had to do was edit this source’s story

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Leatrice Fullerton sent in her story via PIN. After speaking with her, Michigan Radio PIN journalist Sarah Alvarez knew she would be a great candidate for testing out something new: having sources voice and record their own stories. She told an amazing story of what it takes to raise successful kids on a very limited income and with other challenges as well. More at

Protecting the farm with…llamas?

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Concern for security has led one Minnesotan to use an unusual tactic to protect his farm. Ken Kalish deploys guard llamas, both to protect farm animals from predators and to keep tab on strangers. More at, and on YouTube.

Sikh leader adds context to Wisconsin shooting

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sikh temple of wisconsin sign

Kirtan Singh Khalsa discusses with Patt Morrison the shooting of Sikhs in a Wisconsin temple. Khalsa is a member of the board of directors for Sikh Dharma So Cal and Sikh Darma Worldwide, an international body of Sikhs; he is also a minister at the West Los Angeles Guru Ram Das Ashram. More at

Affordable Care Act-inspired likes, don’t-likes

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Kaiser infographic about Americans' knowledge and support of the ACA

Finding sources who represent multiple sides of an issue and are willing to talk with a reporter can be challenging at times. Beacon reporter Robert Joiner worked with PIN sources to put a personal face on his article about polls and perceptions related to the health care law. More at

Residents’ views on smaller government inspire reporting

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WAMU 88.5 explores the political, economic and emotional impacts of federal spending cuts in a series of stories inspired by what reporters learned when they asked D.C. area residents how a smaller government might affect them. The first of five parts. More at