Every week we highlight a few stories produced by PIN partner newsrooms informed by sources in the Public Insight Network.

Residents’ views on smaller government inspire reporting

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WAMU 88.5 explores the political, economic and emotional impacts of federal spending cuts in a series of stories inspired by what reporters learned when they asked D.C. area residents how a smaller government might affect them. The first of five parts. More at

An inside look at a candidate

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Rosemount, MN students from the PIN shared their experience with U.S. Senate candidate Kurt Bills as a teacher. They all told MPR News that Bills is friendly, funny and accessible, and has a knack for making a dense subject understandable. More at

KPCC covers the Olympic Games from a SoCal perspective

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In this conversation on AirTalk, a sports psychologist gets into the heads of athletes, and an African-American water polo star from the 2004 games talks about the social barriers to participation by athletes of color. More at

Making sense of upheaval at the University of Virginia

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The sudden ouster of University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan took faculty, alumni and the public by surprise. Some are blaming partisan politics, while others see a culture clash between corporate-world board members and academics. WAMU’s PIN sources weigh in on the latest. More at