KCRW wants to know: Eastside or Westside

By Caitlin Shamberg | Jan. 25, 2013

On an hour-long broadcast of Which Way LA?, airing on February 6, we are going to explore this Eastside--Westside rivalry with a knockdown, dragout fight between listeners and invited guests from both sides of the argument, as well as a few voices from parts of town that are neither Eastside nor Westside and don't know what the fuss is all about.

The story was built on listener response. PIN was responsible for much of the content, helping us gauge how much interest there was in the story, and helping us describe the differences among communities in LA. We queried sources in the network and posted the query to our Which Way, LA? blog and our Facebook page. We got a huge response! We interviewed PIN sources and used their voices on air. We also built a series of stories on our blog based on the PIN responses.
Feb. 06, 2013