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How are you coping with loss this holiday season?

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Child carrying a Christmas wreath to a grave site

Holidays are difficult for so many people because of who is missing from around the table. If you have a story about how the holidays are different for you this year, we invite you to share your experience.

The $27,000 wedding

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Katie Moss crosses Bridal Veil Lake in Corbett, Ore., on her wedding day as her brother rows. “I just got married in September and fed a hundred people at the reception for under $6,000 total, and that seemed high to me. People used to get help from friends as I did, but these days it seems to be all about outdoing and impressing your friends. I’m so glad we had so many people help us. It made the day way more meaningful,” she said. (Photo courtesy of Katie Moss)

What’s driving that cost? Is it the venue? The flowers? The dress? Listen to reflections and tips — and browse through photos as sources share their wedding stories.