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Minn. parents and teachers reflect on Newtown, talking with kids

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MPR News reached out to parents and to teachers in the Public Insight Network to find out how the Newtown, CT school shooting has affected how they interact with kids at home and in the classroom. Reporter Elizabeth Dunbar curated their responses, which reveal resilience, respect, and both children and adults grappling with events beyond comprehension. Read the reflections from parents and teachers at

Voices of bullying: Common threads across years and miles

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The story of bullying: Common threads (Clockwise: Images courtesy of Keene Public Library and the Historical Society of Cheshire Co.; Janet Anderson; Scottie Seawell; Bart Jones; Eddie~S via Flickr; Anna Weggel of the Public Insight Network)

We asked about people’s experiences with bullying. The voices we heard told a collective story of bullying as a universal: among siblings, in the classroom, at the office; consciously and unconsciously; through passive silence and aggressive participation.

The debate over same-sex marriage: What if it were your kid?

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In order to start a civil discussion about same-sex marriage in America, we asked people from our Public Insight Network to tell us the stories behind their thoughts on the matter AND to give us questions they’d ask people who think differently about the issue than they do. This question from Jennifer in St. Paul,… Read more »