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A new collaboration with (Don’t) Guess My Race

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PIN is excited to announce a collaboration with Interactive Diversity Solutions, creator of a web-based learning game called (Don’t) Guess My Race. This game in a one-of-a-kind interactive diversity program based on social science research that promotes cultural understanding, increases empathy and reduces bias, all wrapped up in a fun game. Participants who play (Don’t) Guess My… Read more »

You won’t believe how these nine newsrooms are using PIN in their politics coverage

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One of the great — and often unheralded — aspects of PIN is the collaboration and sharing of ideas that occurs among PIN partner newsrooms. For instance, several partners have built on one another’s success using PIN to drive engagement around mayoral elections and involve the community more directly in their campaign reporting. These newsrooms include OPB, KQED,… Read more »

Tyler Boudreau: One Marine’s struggle to define moral injury

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Photo courtesy of Tyler Bondreau

There’s growing interest in a condition known as moral injury — or, wounds to a veteran’s spirit or soul from events that “transgress deeply held moral beliefs and expectations.” The concept has helped one Marine better understand what years of PTSD treatment never fully addressed.

PINcast Episode 7: Three big collaborations

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This episode of PINcast is all about collaboration. Lately the PIN editorial team has been working with three news organizations — This American Life, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and the BBC World Service — to tell stories about democracy, relationships and how we care for returning veterans.

When it’s OK to steal from other newsrooms…

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One of the things journalists working with the Public Insight Network get really good at is coming up with successful and inventive ways to ask questions of their sources. And when queries are successful with one audience, often they can be successful with other groups too: So we encourage our community of journalists and editors… Read more »