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Still struggling: Cheyenne Bishop reflects on her vote

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Cheyenne Bishop stood outside her dorm in 2010 holding a question mark, representing her undecided views on the Minnesota marriage amendment.

A year ago, as she worked through how she’d vote on Election Day, Cheyenne Bishop felt as though she was being pulled between her beliefs (she’s Mormon) and wanting a cousin, who identifies as bisexual, to be able to have the same rights as others who wish to marry.

What do the marriage votes mean for you?

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New York City Clerks Offices Open Sunday For First Day Of Gay Marriages

Four states put same-sex marriage in the hands of voters yesterday. And the results are in from three. What do the results of these votes mean to you? Do they change anything for you or someone you know? Practically? Emotionally? What will you do next?

PINcast Episode 7: Three big collaborations

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This episode of PINcast is all about collaboration. Lately the PIN editorial team has been working with three news organizations — This American Life, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and the BBC World Service — to tell stories about democracy, relationships and how we care for returning veterans.