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You won’t believe how these nine newsrooms are using PIN in their politics coverage

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One of the great — and often unheralded — aspects of PIN is the collaboration and sharing of ideas that occurs among PIN partner newsrooms. For instance, several partners have built on one another’s success using PIN to drive engagement around mayoral elections and involve the community more directly in their campaign reporting. These newsrooms include OPB, KQED,… Read more »

What will get people to “tell” us their story?

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SoundCloud access

Comments, photos and video have long been the currency of the interactive web. Somehow, audio got skipped. But now smartphones and services like SoundCloud are making it easy for users to share their own voices with public radio stations.

When it comes to journalism and engagement, the dirty word is…

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When a newsroom decides it wants real engagement with the audience, the next question is: “How do we make it happen?” The answer can be boiled down to one word: Campaign. That word makes most reporters/editors squirm, as thoughts of marketing (an advertising campaign) or partisan politics (the campaign to elect X) come to mind. But… Read more »