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How do you save on food?

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COLBY, KS - AUGUST 24: Dry stalks of corn, ravaged by drought, stand in a failed corn field on August 24, 2012 near Colby, Kansas. The record-breaking drought, which has affected more than half of the continental United States, is expected to drive up food prices by 2013 due to lower crop harvests and the adverse effect on the nation's cattle industry. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

A summer of excessive heat and drought around the world has led food prices toward a late-summer spike and has caused a leading global humanitarian group to warn of higher food costs in years to come. The 2012 drought is affecting nearly 80 percent of the United States’ agricultural land, and consumers will feel the effects… Read more »

“The cream-cheese puri suhoor Ramadan” (with recipe)

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Amy Hossain's cream-cheese puri

Muslim parents have to get creative during Ramadan to nourish their kids for a long summer day of fasting. This year, Amy Hossain combined cultural and culinary traditions to create a calorie-rich dish that’s a hit with her young daughters.