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PINcast Episode 12: A loaded issue at New Hampshire Public Radio

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In late February, New Hampshire Public Radio ran a weeklong series called “A Loaded Issue: Guns in New Hampshire,” which focused on the role of guns in New Hampshire life. We talk to Brady Carlson, NHPR’s public insight analyst and host of the station’s “All Things Considered.”

Stories: “Why I own a gun”

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Photo of David Hines, a gun owner from Louisville, Ky.

As with many issues, how we feel about guns often depends on our experiences with them. Here, some gun owners share the stories of the nuanced relationships they have with firearms.

What informs your position on gun issues?

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Firearms Enthusiasts Practice Shooting At Gun Range

Our hunch is that people come to their ideas about guns less through the arguments of politicians and more through their own experience and the stories they hear from people they know. So we’re asking for your stories.