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Planning for the worst case scenario — Alzheimer’s at 50

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The Lund Family, 1988

Dementia costs more to treat each year in the U.S. than cancer or heart disease and much of that cost is borne by family members in a caregiver role. Here is the story of one Minnesota family — the parents who couldn’t plan for early-onset Alzheimer’s, and their daughter, who is ready for the worst.

Medical Professionals: What’s your experience with the FMLA?

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Dr. Marc Downing is a pediatric surgeon in Kalamazoo, Mich. He says the leave application process under the FMLA puts the doctor in the middle of a potentially tense relationship between employer and employee. (Photo shared by Marc Downing)

The Family and Medical Leave Act turns 20 this week. Medical professionals, we want to hear from you. Have you witnessed attempted abuse of the law? Do you feel trapped in the middle of a tense relationship between employer and employee? What’s your experience with the FMLA?

Five things doctors want

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Doctors Seek Higher Fees From Health Insurers

Straight from doctors’ mouths: What would make their lives better — and yours. Mostly, it’s time they say they need — and lots of financial change.

‘Obamacare’ influencing Texas voters

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With election day looming, voters say the economy and the budget deficit are still their top priorities. But health care is not far behind. In many polls, voters rate the Affordable Care Act as the fourth most important issue in the presidential race. KUHF heard from local sources. More at