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Planning for the worst case scenario — Alzheimer’s at 50

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The Lund Family, 1988

Dementia costs more to treat each year in the U.S. than cancer or heart disease and much of that cost is borne by family members in a caregiver role. Here is the story of one Minnesota family — the parents who couldn’t plan for early-onset Alzheimer’s, and their daughter, who is ready for the worst.

Taking brain injury from combat to campus

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Traumatic brain injury often causes trouble with concentration, reading comprehension and memory — the very things that would likely prevent academic success. For veterans attempting to navigate the rhythms of college life, they can spell disaster.

Do you live in a healthy place?

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County Health Rankings map

A new update to a longstanding website gives users access to a plethora of health data for nearly every county in America — everything from smoking rates to the number of dentists or fast food restaurants. Maps make it easy to compare your county to the rest of your state.